Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arrests & Disturbance After Final Pass

It seems that Football reared its ugly head off the pitch as well as on the pitch with the culmination of the Barcelona victory and ticket into the final of the Champions League at Wembley. In what is seemingly becoming normal procedure, a small minority began throwing flares at the press who were camped in the Hotel Lloret on las ramblas to film the celebrations. Bottles and cans were thrown and the riot police duly charged and dispersed the crowds to avoid any serious damage being done as in previous years.

Football Arrests in Barcelona - Barcelona Sights

Latest reports a show almost 30 people injured (including police) and more than 20 arrests. I know that it's often not even the real football fans that cause these kind of problems, rather the anti-system anarchists and those people just joining in the crowds to use an excuse to vandalize, although there were a fair few news reports with the Boix Nois heavily featured, so you just never know. Good job they won!!

Either way, congratulations to Barcelona, and let's hope for a much better final in Wembley on 28th, and that Canaletes and Las Ramblas braces itself once more for the riot police skirmish!

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