Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Warning Posters Spotted

One of the biggest problems in citizen surveys that are published in the press over the years has been security on the streets of Barcelona. Percentages suggest that we're no better off now than the previous years despite clean up operations tackling different areas and degrees of security. I've blogged before on here about many of Barcelona's scams and unfortunately none of these seem to be disappearing.

Warning Poster Old town - Barcelona sights Blog So I know the changing face of graffiti and street art in Barcelona evolves quickly - like scrawls to real art and then the stencils-style, but I've been seeing an increasing amount of fly-postering recently, and thought I'd share this one. This was spotted on a typical Barcelona old town street not one which I would consider to be a particularly high crime area, but guess there'll be more out and about too. Good on whoever is doing this (I could see no means of tracing or identifying the authors) - it's direct, but not shock tactics. Click the picture for a bigger image, but the caption at the bottom says "Look back, there's a pickpocket behind you". Anyone else seen anything similar ? I know these usually crop up in more than one. Let me know in the comments (or take a pic on your phone or whatever).

The Sun is back shining after last night's storm, and May is a great month to visit the Catalan Capital. If you're thinking of coming, why not try a Barcelona apartment as a change from a hotel? And for a quick look at the city sights, see this guide to Barcelona.


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