Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last "Classico" tonight - Job Done?

Tonight sees the second leg semi-final of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. After last week's poor advert for what is generally a great sporting event, Barça came out on top after a pretty soft explusion for Real and that man Messi wowed us all with two pieces of individual skill.

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As usual, "El Traductor" Jose Mourinho had plenty to complain about when teams were finally allowed out of the dressing rooms after being held back by UEFA representatives at the Bernabau last week to calm things down. Jose's such a bad loser, and blamed almost everyone including UNICEF (Barca shirt sponsor) and every referee that has given a decision against a team he has managed. With the 2-0 advantage, it's looking pretty much like job done, but you never can tell in football, can you? Real certainly have strength in depth and I certainly wouldn't be taking things lightly knowing Kaka is likely to start, despite the suspensions that Madrid are having to deal with.

Barça are taking no chances, and (obviously) have been very calm "job not done yet" kind of comments all week and after last week's win. And they will be wanting to make the atmosphere count as that 13th man, too, tonight in Camp Nou. Each seat will have people posters to make the Catalan and Barça flag, and there will be 1500 brave Madrid fans who will be taking their seats - presumably alongside Jose Mourinho who was sent to the stands last game and misses this one, too - in the stands to cheer on their team.

I'll be hoping for a proper game, a lot less scrappy than last week, and I really think it could go one of two ways. Mourinho won't want to be carved open on the counter so won't go all out attacking, but then again they need to score at least 2 goals to have options in the game which is no mean feat away from home. I think he might just try and stifle the game and play too defensively and rely on the odd set piece to try and get the gaols. However, I hope I'm wrong, and he throws caution to the wind!! We'll have to see.

By the way, if you're looking for somewhere special to watch the match, you can choose from one of the city's finest terraces to watch the match if you like. Don't think it'll be raining looking at the skies today!

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