Monday, January 5, 2009

Everything set for a Night of Magic!

I was walking with my family the other day along Las Ramblas, and we saw a couple of model Camels and people entering the Gallery Space around half way down Las Ramblas, and I remembered of the tradition so we stepped in to take a look.
Barcelona Sights - Camels on Las Ramblas
Similar to the way kids around the world write a wish list to Father Christmas, kids in Spain write to "their Majesties the Magic Kings" and instead of visiting a Santa's grotto, often just leave the letter to be posted. However, bigger cities often organise a similar kind of thing to the grotto, with the Kings collecting children's letters, and ensuring they have been good little boys and girls.

Barcelona Sights - Child sitting on King's kneeThe weather was threatening to put a literal dampener on celebrations for the night tonight, but so far the rain has held off, and I hope it does! It's not supposed to be great tomorrow, the last thing the majority of kids' parents want is their kids getting a cold 2 days before school term is about to re-start!
It was great to see the innocence in the young kids faces as they observed the throned king from the small queue of kids in front of them, unable to believe their luck! My 2 kids were too young to really know what was going on, although Jack wanted to join the queue of kids just to get a sweet that one of the other Kings appeared top be giving out! When I explained that he'd then have to sit on the King's knee and drop off a letter, he suddenly changed his opinion and we made a sharp exit!

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