Sunday, January 11, 2009

Funky Old Town Art Gallery

Barcelona sights - La Xina ART
I was walking through the old town today (as usual), and stumbled upon this cool art gallery in Carrer Doctor Dou, number 4, which I think is a bit of a piss-take on the modern art world. It asks the question "Can you make a piece without it being 'Art'?"
· ¿Se pueden hacer obras que no sean de arte?

The result is a pretty work? by 9 local artists which is titled "Art Converters. El Basar del xino 4º edicó". The idea was to acquire materials purely from the Chinese shops/warehouses around the city and then create the plastic sculpture which runs all the way around the gallery space.
Barcelona Sights - Old Town Art
View from inside, looking out.
Barcelona Sights - View inside La Xina ART
It opened in December, and I only found out after returning home that today was supposed to be "open doors" to actually dismantle the piece. Maybe I could have taken home a couple of souvenirs?! There were 3 guys in there chatting and one photographer who I assume were documenting the last few hours maybe? I congratulated them on the piece, and my little boy, Jack, told them that he thought it was a Christmas tree (he's 3) and they loved that!
Barcelona Sights - floor detail of Art converters
I thought it was really cool, and such a funny thing to come across without even meaning to. You can see here below the traditional caganers and even a "pissingner"?!
Barcelona sights - window detail
Back wall centrepiece.
Barcelona Sights - art centrepiece
Barcelona Sights - Gallery wall
Barcelona Sights - column detail Xina ART

I'll keep my eyes out for what might crop up here shortly, and post again if it's anything of interest! Comments welcome as always guys!

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