Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old Town Oddeties - Artwork? Graffiti?

I was debating on whether on not to add this post, as it's not really a "sight" of Barcelona, but it's something which has had me wondering for a couple of months now, and each time I pass the places in the photos here, I think "Hmmm, I must add this to the blog, and see what people reckon?!"
Barcelona sights - Street art

The above photo was taken on Carrer Hospital in the old town of Barcelona just before the old hospital which is now the Catalonian Library - above one of the smallest bar in Barcelona (I'll do this on another post!). Check out the paintwork. And I'm not talking about the chunky tag - I'm talking about the coloured splats. Here's a closer image.
Barcelona Sights - street art close up

Now,I know you're thinking "what the...?" as it looks like someone has just splodged paint on a wall with no plan. Although you do need to consider the height. Maybe it was paint balloons in the style of water balloons, to be able to get to that height and drip, too? Well, I agree that it's all very boring and a waste of a wall if you ask me...........until I came accross the below wall:
Barcelona Sights - Street art

This one I saw the day after it had been done - on Ronda Sant Pau, which is around 10-15 minutes from Carrer Hospital (no idea of the time between the two "wall splodges" as I saw this one before and only came accross the one on Carrer Hospital a couple of weeks later, sorry)but it clearly looks like someone has been doing this on purpose. I would not be surprised to see another couple of these around the city - and would love to hear if you guys have any info ???!! Leave your comments below as always.

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