Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Barcelona Bars Part 4 - London Bar

Time for another post on Barcelona Bars. It's been a while, so thought I'd update with a decent addition, which used to be one of my haunts, on a great pub crawl that I might end up putting on here one of these days.

London Bar is a Barcelona institution. It's been around for yonks, and has the fantastic floor plaque to prove it - looking particulary shabby, which I think is well fitting for the outside of a pub!
Barcelona Sights - London Bar Floor Plaque

London Bar is a great place for Live music, and I've been in there many times without knowing a group would come on, and have seen some really coll acts - a couple of jazz groups, punk rockers, and some funky blues groups all squeezed on the "stage" at the back. To be honest, weused to go as it was one of the only decent places we found that didn't charge an entrance fee once all the other pubs had kicked out. Oh, and they've got becks on tap.

Barcelona Sights - London Bar

They've recently started showing Live Football on a big screen (something new as it used to be a locals place) which I suppose might be to draw the crowds from the newer English/Australian/Irish bars (just along from London Bar on the same street you have The Queen Vic and then on Ramblas itself there are Hogans, Sports bar, etc.) but I'd bet it would be a great place to settle down for the late kick-off and start the night there. It wouldn't surprise me if you ended up staying all night!

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Comments welcome here guys, have you even been to London Bar? Anywhere else you'd like to see featured? Or have you been anywhere but can't remember the name/location?


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