Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Paella at Barcelona's Port Vell

1st May in Spain is usually always a puiblic holiday, and many other European countires have similar dates as public holidays, too (May Day bank holiday in the UK is on Monday, for example). It's also the "day of the worker" or the "dia del trabajador" - this is also a day for protests, and manifestations for union groups, possible mass redundancies. Yesterday was no exception, with the current crisis seeing the masses take to the streets and make their voice be heard.
Big Paella - Barcelona Sights Blog
What better way to keep the hungry masses satified? Well, with a Giant Paella and Fideua!! (For those of you who don't know, Fideua, is very similar to Paella, but made with fine pasta instead of rice). The Union General de Trabajadores (UGT) or Workers Union organised a big free Paella and Fideua for ecveryone with huge tables and chairs, some music to entertain and of course the spectacle of the huge Paella.

Paella for the Masses in Barcelona

A mention must go to Chef Papitus and his sons of nearby Cornella, who braved the sunshine to cook the huge Paellas (no idea whet time they started, and indeed that the free paella thing was going on, my family and I literally walked straight into it! the photos are from my mobile, apologies for the poor quality!) who were absolute experts at the whole shebang - accoding to the side of their van they hold 8Guinness World Records, so I'm sure we couldn't have been in better hands!

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