Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great things to do in Barcelona for FREE - Part 6

Time for another money-saver, and another free museum. I know I mentioned that the free things weren't all going to be "boring" things but trust me on this one! This is the Chocolate Museum!

The first Monday of each month, the Chocolate Museum opens its doors for free. The museum is located on Calle Comercio, in the Borne district and is easy to spot. It's actually part of the pastry school and perhaps the best part of the museum is the workshop which has the chocolatiers making their creations.

Chocolate sculptures at the Museu Xocolata - Barcelona Sights Blog

And it's these creations that make the most impression. Sure, there's a fair bit of audio-visual stuff which tells you about the history of chocolate, cocoa and stuff like that, but the workshop takes the plaudits. See, in Spain at Easter, it's tradition to give "monas" instead of eggs/as well as eggs! These "monas" are basically creations or sculptures made out of chocolate. These can include houses, Barça shields, cars, etc. and are often made to order in the famous bakers of the sity such as Escriba.

The chocolate museum has an exposition of some of these "monas" or chocolate creations, and it's mind-blowing what they can do with chocolate! There are some great sculptures of the Sagrada Familia, Pinocchio, and even Michelangelo's Madonna and Jesus. It's well worth a visit to kill a few hours, and even better as it's free!

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