Monday, May 18, 2009

Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place to find food - the eclectic mix of kitchens from around the world invite you to try anything from Cebiche to Kow Neow, as well as the fantastic local specialties. The Spanish have an obsession with meat, and Pork in particular (they sell the brains in the supermarket, right alongside the trotters, ears and tails for God's sake!) and most restaurants will offer you cured hams, or have a very meat orientated menu - which is not much fun if you're a Vegetarian or a Vegan.

This post was a request, so I'm going to give you the lowdown on Vegetarian and (mainly) Vegan options if you're visiting Barcelona. I've also added a googlemap at the bottom if you've got no idea what I'm talking about!

Juicy Jones Vegan Restaurant - Barcelona Sights
It's of co-incidence that these restaurants are all fairly close together, considering the size of Barcelona, and the scope it has for restaurants. First up is Juicy Jones. Juicy Jones has a couple of establishments - both in the old town. The one just off Las Ramblas, behind the PC City computer store is more of a Juice Bar, whereas the one pictured above, on Carrer Hospital is a little bigger.

Organic Restaurant on Barcelona Sights Blog

Just two streets up from Carrer Hospital is Carrer Pintor Fortuny, and this is the location for two of the restaurants on the list. First is Organic, which is on the corner of Xuclá and as the name suggests, serves all organic produce and is very central, just a minute's walk from Las Ramblas.

Biocenter restaurant - Barcelona Sights Blog

Walk a little further into the Raval following Pintor Fortuny, and on the opposite side of the road is BioCenter - another great spot for Vegan and Vegetarian munchies. The shop bearing the same name on the opposite side of the road I think must have closed down (at least temporarily) as I haven't seen it open for a long time.
Sesamo Restaurant on Barcelonasights Blog
Finally we have Sesamo, which is located on Carrer Sant Antoni Abat, at the end, right next to Sant Antoni Market. This is a small, but popular place and serves "comida sin bestias" or "food without beasts"! Again, the location from the previous few places is just a couple of minutes walk - I've added a map below to show all of the locations.

One last place worth a mention. "Fresco" is an all you can eat buffet with various locations around the city centre, and although it's not strictly Vegetarian/Vegan, there's a huge salad bar for starters (go back as many times as you like), and there is almost always some vegetarian alternatives, such as pasta with pesto and cheese sauces, etc. I thought it's worth a mention as it's very good value for money - and healthy to boot. I'd be happy to hear any additions form you guys in the comments, too - let's make the lost longer!

You might need to zoom in a bit for the map, just click the plus sign. Hope it works ok.

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