Monday, September 20, 2010

BAM, Thank You Ma'am

If there wasn't already a lot to look forward to this month, there is another parallel event going on at the same time as La Merçe celebrations - BAM. BAM is the Barcelona Acciò Musical and is a short festival in it's 18th year happening from the 23rd to 25th September. And best of all, it's all free!

Taking place in various locations across the city, including the Old Damm Brewery on Calle Rossello, the Forum and a few other places (line up is not completely confirmed as to where people will be playing). And they have a pretty damn cool promotion video as well!

While the concerts mainly showcase local talent (and some decent stuff at that), there are also some international stars nipping in to do their stint. New York hip-hoppers Anti-Pop Consortium, Glaswegian due Belle & Sebastian and UK dance outfit Goldfrapp will all be pulling in the crowds. There's also Welsh rockers Ash (remember them?! Class!) and über-cool Hip-Hop DJ Alexander Nut. So if you're looking for that last-gasp festival to keep the summer you alive for a little bit longer, then get your dancing shoes on (not sandals, in case it rains) and check out the line ups!

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