Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La Merçe Festival with Kids

Having two kids during the Merçe festivities has been great this year. I'm sure it's actually great every year, but mine have been maybe too small to appreciate. There are plenty of activities each year geared specifically for children, and in particular the area around Montjüic castle was full of puppet shows, trapeze artists and projections, face painting and circus acts. Whilst the ones we co-incided with were is Catalan, there were also some international acts (a couple of puppet shows from France we saw were funny, too).

Giants Parada at Las Ramblas - Barcelona Sights Blog

One of the highlights was the giants parade on the Friday evening. Las Ramblas was closed off for traffic and the parade started from Carrer Pelai, all the way down Las Ramblas, preceeded by bands from the Guardia Urbana on horses.

Ceremonial Eagle - Barcelona Sights

Each neighbourhood has their "gegants" and it was great fun to watch the different neighbourhoods go past with their costumes, bands and giants.

Traditional Animals  - Barcelona Sights

All of the children lining the streets would touch the giants and try and shake hands or call their attention.

Pipers on Las Ramblas - Barcelona Sights

One of the lesser known animals called the beast sprayed water on the crowds as it went past, too.

Water-Spraying Beast - Barcelona Sights

And there was one who for me was the spitting image of Andy Garcia (admittedly with a fair bit of make-up) or is that just me?!

Andy Garcia Gegant - Barcelona Sights

His and hers dragons, traditional animals and many many more that I didn't snap with my camera phone as the kids took over a bit!

His and Hers Dragons - Barcelona Sights Blog

Did you attend the parade? any impressions or comments? Let me know. BCN Rentals has a great selection of apartments for rent, too, if you're thinking of visiting the city this autumn.


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