Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gluten Free Barcelona - Very Shortly....

Eating in Barcelona is nothing more than a pleasure. With almost every possible combination of foods and produce available, it's so much fun to experiment and try different dishes or cuisines (and not all have to be from the boqueria!). Eating out is also a real treat for most of us. There are only two groups I feel a bit sorry for - Vegans and Celiacs (those who can't eat gluten). I already tried to assist the first group with my list of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona - comments and updates welcome as always). My mother used to be really bad with her gluten allergy and my Auntie still is very bad sufferer so for almost ten years they've been packing soda loaves and soya products into their suitcases at the expense of my English chocolate. (Yes, I know Cadburys has a factory here, but it's the milk, guys, the milk. English cows, and English grass....I digress).

Gluten Free Book Coming Soon - Barcelona Sights BlogOften a rejoicing sound would be heard if we found a small corner of El Corte Ingles or Carrefour that had a shelf of gluten-free products - even at a hugely inflated price. And eating out was a really tricky one if I wasn't present. I had to prepare them little bits of paper for waiters "Por favor, soy alergica al gluten. Aconsejeme con mis elecciones del menu" and the like...and we're talking about over ten years ago, when the majority of people didn't even know what gluten was, or if you could be allergic to it.

Well, finally, help is at hand. Or nearly. I had heard on the grapevine about this guidebook, and actually had this post prepared last month, but then saw that the book had been whipped off the shelves at the request of the President of the Catalan Association of Celiacs due to an error in the opening text.

The book contains a list of 42 restaurants where those diners will have absolutely no problems or worries choosing from the menu - and hopefully their fellow diners won't be disappointed, either. I have to say that I know a few and would maybe not have even known I was eating gluten free food on the occasions I've been so all good.

If anyone has any more tips about a Gluten Free Barcelona, then please let me/us all know in the comments!!

Coming to Barcelona this month? There are some great reasons to visit the city, with the good weather doing its best to hang on, and one of the best festivals of the year to check out. If you're still looking for accommodation, or some last-minute deals then check out these apartments for rent in Barcelona as a great alternative to a hotel room. And for a quick look at what's what in the city, see this great Barcelona guide.


Ansku said...

Could you tell where it would be possible to find this book, or is it possible at all? It's such a tricky thing to live here as a celiac and try to find nice and safe restaurants...

David Brydon said...

Hi Ansku, thanks for commenting. The book did actually come out, but was recalled to edit something in the introduction, so I'm not sure how long it will take to re-print the new issue.

As far as I can tell, it's published in conjunction with the city council, so keep your eyes peeled on the official site (follow the link in my post and navigate around there). If I see a release date (or if anyone else knows), I'll be sure to update.

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