Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hipnotik Hip Hop

There's no denying Hip Hop has an influence on the urban landscape of Barcelona. Some of the best graffiti can be seen in the city at every turn, and although I don't mean to associate every graffiti artist with a Hip Hop culture, it's always there or there abouts. Then there's the skater's paradise that is Barcelona. Lax laws (or enforcement), kilometres of land on a slight gradient and plenty of wide open downtown plaças and spaces with benches and rails right out of a Jason Hernandez video. There are plenty of Hip Hop shops, and admittedly although many have closed down due to the "crisis" you can still find what you're looking for. So it's only natural that the people of the city would want their platform to express and enjoy themselves. Hell, why not make a festival out of it?!

Hipnotik Festival - Barcelona Sights

Well, rolling into its 7th year this Saturday is the Barcelona Hipnotik Festival down at the CCCB in Barcelona's old town. Already home for those "rap-offs" of the youthful poets of today's society, this promises a great line up of local and international talent for the day's events billed as "Hip Hop without boundries". Four different sections of the area are dedicated to Mixing on the decks, graffiti art, DJ sessions and microphone controller battles (that's MC's to you and me). It all kicks off on Saturday at 12 noon, and goes on till the wee hours. Fancy going? Tickets still available. Let me know in the comments!

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