Sunday, March 15, 2009

Barcelona Re-invented - as a Video Game

Barcelona is already a popular spot for filming. Many TV adverts and a couple of films have been shot here - the most recent being Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona - and filming of a new comedy called "Spanish Movie" is currently going on here right now, too. And after the recent announcement that Barcelona is going 3D it comes as no real surprise that the Catalan Capital has been chosen as a base for a new video game called Wheelman.

Barcelona Map on Video Game  - Barcelona Sights Blog

The actor Vin Diesel, is the "actor" for the main character, and it seems like a very action packed game along the lines of Grand Theft Auto, and the like. One thing of note is that the city has been somewhat displaced in order to provide better gameplay - but at least it's a "real" city, unlike Vice city or San Andreas, in GTA.

Vin Diesel in Wheelman - Barcelona Sights

I expect it to be a real hit - especially in Barcelona, as you'll be able to race down the streets of the city shooting the bad guys and driving however the hell you like on those same streets you use to go to work every day!

Placa de las Arenas on Wheelman Video Game - Barcelona Sights

For some real information on the city (!) see this great Barcelona guide. And for your accomodation next time, why not try Apartments in Barcelona ?


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