Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They're back

Back in January, I had been debating on posting about some odd artwork that I'd seen in the streets of Barcelona's old town. In fact, I wasn't really sure if you could call it art work or graffiti.

Barcelona Sights - New building with paint
If you didn't read the post, then I'd found some walls which had been...well, splatted with paint which at first didn't seem so interesting, but then I saw another very similar one which made me think it had been done on purpose. Since then I haven't seen anything else similar. Until yesterday.

I was going up to Park Güell with my cousin, and as we got out of Vallcarca metro station, there is a brand new building or apartment block, which has been...ahem...decorated in the same manner. Given the height of some of these paint splodges, I'm pretty convinced that they must have been done with balloons/water balloons or perhaps a catapult? Any ideas of how it's been done (or who did it!) welcome!
Paint graffiti on Barcelona Sights blog

I'm fairly intrigued about it all now, and I'm sure there must be more around the city (and possibly even a myspace site or a blog out there, too?!) so any hints or pointers in the right direction welcome!

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