Friday, March 13, 2009

The Coolest Bar in Barcelona - literally

It's not often you can step out of a hot summer day in Barcelona into a bar for a nice cool cervesa and have to put a fur coat on. In fact, you'd never ever do that - even if the air-con was on full. That is unless you happen to be in the Olympic Village and down at the Barcelona ice bar.

Barcelona Sights - Ice Bar in Barcelona

Maybe some of you have come across those great shot glasses that are made out of ice, or even visited an Absolut bar somewhere in the world (Liverpool is my fave!) but this bar goes to the extremes! The bar boasts being the first ice bar on the beach and at a temperature of -8ºC inside, gives you fur coats and gloves before you enter! Once inside, you can order drinks or cocktails and the basic furniture is made from ice, as well as there being some ice sculptures from different artists. Following on from the hugely successful Ice Hotel in Sweden, IceBCN offers that unique experience in Barcelona and is a fantastic night out with friends (obviously just for one or two - if you want -8ºC you could very well have the hen weekend in Lapland right girls?!).

people in icebcn on Barcelona Sights blog

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Also, if you're thinking of visiting the city, I can highly recommend Barcelona Apartments as a great alternative to hostal bunks or the usual hotel room. And for more information about the area around the ice bar see this Olympic Village guide to Barcelona.


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